Swole Kreate Review – Bigger Muscles, Brawny Physique without Side Effects!

Swole Kreate After several years of looking for non creatine and non steroid products, I finally stumbled upon Swole Kreate Creatine Powerhouse. I initially doubted this product so decided to review. Find out whether it works or not.

About the Supplement!

A product that promises creatine and steroid like results minus the side effects is sure to stir the market. Enough has been said about it in the media and if its claims are to be believed it helps one gain high muscle mass, increase metabolism and gain lean muscle.


  • KreAlkalyn
  • Ecdysterone
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Methoxylsoflavone

Muscle Building and Swole Kreate

  • KreAlkalyn does everything that creatine does without leading to any of the side effects
  • Ecdysterone enhances lean body mass and builds stamina along with enhancing metabolism
  • D-Aspartic Acid helps increase growth hormone formation in the body
  • Methoxylsoflavone imitates the benefits of anabolic steroids sans the side effects

How Does it Score over its Contemporaries?

The pros of using it are:

  • Better alternative to creatine and steroids
  • Provides stronger results than creatine and steroids
  • Reduces bloating, stomach discomfort (side effects of other supplements)
  • No side effects
  • Enhanced muscle mass and a lean physique in shortest time possible
  • Provide energy boost while working out

where-to-buy-swole-kreateAnd Where Does it Disappoint?

I should’ve probably written who it disappoints since its potency remains unproven for:

  • People under 18 years of age
  • On prescription meds
  • Chronically ill
  • Allergic to any of the ingredients

How was my Experience?

I would recommend this as my experience turned out pretty positive. I’ve been working out since last 10 years and have tried a plethora of supplements but I was always anti creatine and anti steroid. My package arrived within two days of placing order and I used it for 12 days as per the directed dosage.

My measurements on day 1 were

Biceps: 14 inches

Chest: 19 inches

My measurements on Day 12 (same diet and workout at day 1)

Biceps: 16 inches

Chest: 21.5 inches

2 inches biceps size increase and 1.5 inches chest size increase within 12 days without any significant changes in diet or workout is pretty impressive.

About Side Effects!

On day one, I felt as if there was a blast of energy in my body while working out but later my stomach kind of ached. This continued on day two and then stopped. Probably, my body was just adapting. Later on, till day 12, there were no adverse consequences of Swole Kreate.


Where to Buy?

Trial bottles and paid supplies of Swole Kreate Creatine Powerhouse can be availed from its official website.


No2 Extreme Rush Review : Grow Hard, Lean Muscle Without Sudden Crashes

no2 extreme rushChoosing from the influx of nitric Oxide products is not easy. There is just excessive choice and very little knowledge. Even the professionals are confused with such products and thanks to the hyped marketing, many unsuspecting users end up being prey to pathetic attempts at fraudulent with substandard products. But NO2 Extreme Rush states that it makes no such false promise or lure unsuspecting users and its testimonials have been stating a similar, positive story too. Find out if this product is any new addition to the list of good ones or not here.

What is it?

As the name itself reflect, it is a Nitric Oxide formula and works for muscular development. It claims to enhance stamina along with athletic strength so the body can take on more physical pressure. It improves the duration and strength of the workout and this enables body to develop stronger with better muscle.


The formula has A-AKG, A-AKIC and A-HCL. Label gives all information on quantity of the ingredients.

How does NO2 Extreme Rush function?

Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (A-AKG) directly converts into gas nitric Oxide with the dosage. It allows for amplified blood flow with which the stamina, muscular development and recovery grows too. Arginine Ketoisocaproate facilitates body to feel longer muscle pumps and it also triggers muscular growth while speeding up recovery. Arginine hydrochloride functions at base, cellular level and boosts energy by getting mixed into bloodstream. It also keeps muscle protein development up and reduces the exhaustion felt by body after a severe workout.

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Why is NO2 Extreme Rush useful? How does NO make it a great solution?

Nitric oxide is generally found in the body but the amount is not large enough to trigger any beneficial results for the muscles. However, a muscle building theory about how NO improves recovery has been doing the rounds. It states that when NO enters body, it causes relaxation of blood vessels and this action facilitates the muscle cells to receive improved blood that has oxygen in it. And with this improved oxygen delivery, these muscle cells find nourishment and get over the muscle by product and exhaustion. This way, nitric oxide allows for channeling of energy without any sudden crashes or pain in the muscles.

It is useful because the theory is effective and functional as Nitric Oxide which is provided in NO2 Extreme Rush through amino acids indeed works as illustrated above. Most men complain of stamina issues when working out so primarily NO functions as a recovery enhancer and endurance booster. This makes it an ideal resolution.



Numerous testimonials were found online and few of them that have personal information attached were confirmed with users. One of them includes:

Howard (36) was never into sports and naturally had a skinny body. He said that he didn’t even have the endurance to go on for half an hour with an intensive cardio routine but with NO2 Extreme Rush, he had the energy to go on for 45 minutes within 35 days. With 3 months of dosage, he felt the results of this workout kicking in and grew lean and muscular (though now brawny). Howard added that though he was bothered in the beginning 4 weeks as he didn’t see any spectacular change and felt more energetic but even with longer routine for dosage, he got no side effects at all.

Is it recommended?

NO2 Extreme Rush has Potent, well researched, safe and healthy ingredients that work for NO development directly. Manufacturing is also done in certified lab and there are no side effects to the product. It is recommended for sure.

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